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How did we get space?

If no space or matter existed in the beginning, only God, or whatever caused it all, then wouldn't it be safe to say that this "whatever cause" took up all the space there was in existence?

If all this space was taken up, then in order to create anything new wouldn't space have to be created first?

How would you create space if it was already taken up by something?

So, in order to create space in an already filled up place, wouldn't you have to create a division in the existing substance?

Then wouldn't you have to divided that substance with enough distance that you could fit all the things you wanted to create?

After creating that big division to fit all that you wanted to create, wouldn't all the substance that previously took up all the space be scattered about this space as a result of this dividing process?

Would this scattered substance be the stuff we see all over the universe?

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Space is emptiness. It has always been. It is no thing. Ain was considered existence before there was existence. 'God' (the great I Am) created matter by speaking the 'Word'. He created things to fill the space. Earth, the Heavens, the Sun, the Moon, the stars, etc.

Then there is the 'big bang' theory. And the universe still expanding. Scientists want to know the edges of the universe. So far? Zilch.

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And since space and time are intertwined, there is no "before".

All of these paradoxes have probably been considered since the beginning of human thought.
Well once apon a time there was a man... we call him god now. I suppose it could be his initials for what his name really meant G.O.D... that could be anything. Buttt, i suppose one day he just up and decided to make himself his own niffty little universe and BAM!!! here it is home sweet home. God is a truely an amazing person. I plan on meeting him some day. :-D
Space only exists because of humans and the mind. "Outside" the universe is just irrelevent void because it is defined by humans.
Mostly yes. Space isn't a thing separate from the 'what's in it'. Matter warps space so that when all the matter (or energy with the matter-energy conversion) is close, the 'space' is warped close also. And this carries one down to as small as we can guess about.

Now, if the matter expands, it takes space with it since it is shaping the space it is in. If you can get your head around this idea, that space and matter in space are linked and not really separate things, you have the essentials and your idea is sound, except for the even harder idea that space can be infinite in 3 dimensions, but finite in 4 or more.

Good luck, it's a brain cramper.
first the universe is mostly hydrogen, and a lot of carbon. second maybe you should read some of albert einsteins theories, he thinks our universe exists inside other universe's. my personal belief is that we are inside of something else and that i have a theory thta we could make another universe with common lab equipment, im only 20 but have big dreams for science. the unverse was created, theoretically, by hydrogen diffusion, i think, like and a-bomb going off, then galaxies were formed by large gatherings of gas (cluster) and inside each galaxy is solar systems which are similar but smaller, a solar system is formed by another hydrogen process, forget how, but its a large gas cloud and it is spinning and as it spins the gas in the middle spins faster than that outside so the middle becomes more and more dense until it is too packed and cannot fit more the nit explodes, the remaining gas that was spinning around the center slows and forms rings of some sort, then these rings can create the planets that revolve around the middle object which is now a star or sun if u will, if done properly in a giant vacuum filled space i hope to oneday create a similar small universe inside earth and who knows if it ever happend maybe life would result, would i then be god???
You have a lot of answers to your own questions and then more questions for your answers!! I give up!!

Seriously, NO ONE KNOWS the answer to this in any way, shape, or form, except the 'educated' speculation of the scientific community who are interested enough or getting paid enough to 'specualte'!! Your imagination wanders and you're entitled to do so - good for you - but it amounts to as much 'balderdash' as the scientists come up with, except they use BIG words to give credence to their ideas!!
i like your mind, don't give up thinking.

to answer your question, it'd depend on what side your belifes are on. if you are on the universe physics (everything is almost unexplained and the laws we have don't apply to the universe) or basic earth physics (gravity pulls down).

the laws of physics are very different out in the universe. let me start off with what you said: "If all this space was taken up(in one small point), then in order to create anything new wouldn't space have to be created first..." yes it'd have to take up space going by out laws of physics. like i said, our laws of physics are way diferent from the universes. things happen in space that is impossible for our physics to do. so in a way it's almost unexplainable.

if you beleive in god, which would make it easier to understand. then you don't really have to ask and just rely on faith.

then if albert einstin was alive, he'd probably leave you an answer that'd take about 30 minutes to read.

all in all i'd have to agree with you though. this universe, as masive as it is, would have to have taken up space.
We didnt get it! It inherited us!
According to the String Theory,after the phase transition, the strings were formed in a random network of self-avoiding curves/loops. Some of the strings were in closed loops and some were as infinite strings. The distribution of strings so happened that a constant number of loops entered the Horizon. If the infinite strings would simply straighten out, then the numbers of open strings across the horizon-sized volume would also increase with time and strings would soon come out to dominate the density. Velenkin .A [Physics Review D23, p852; 1981] showed that the geometry produced by the gravitational field near a length of straight string is that of Minkowski space with a three dimensional wedge taken out of each space like slice. The vertex of the wedge lies along the length of the string and the angle subtended by missing wedge lies in rest frame of the string and is equated as δπ Gμ The two exposed faces of the strings are thus identified. Thus the Space Time remained flat everywhere except along the Strings , where it was highly curved. If Gμ%26lt;%26lt;1, then the stress energy of the strings would produce only small (lenier) perturbations from the metric of rest of the universe. Because the matter in the Universe did not produce significant purturbation from the Minkowski metric Space ,on scale ,less then horizon, the Gravitational field at a point much closer to a length of a string would be essentially then the same as gravitational field at a similarly located point in Minkowski space. In the rest of frame of the strings, all particles were when passing , the strings were deflated by an angle 8πG μ with respect to all particles passing on other side of the strings. The magnitude of discontinuity in temperature(While passing of particles) across the string was δT/T= 8πGβ, where β=Transverse Velocity of the strings which was typically was close to Unity. This Jump of temperature persisted on angular distance away from the string, corresponding to the present angular size of the radius of curvature of the strings. The magnitude of temperature jump was then independent of the Red shift (Z) at which Light Rays reaching to us, passed by the strings. If we calculate the general properties of microwave sky anisotropy in string mode , then let us assume that microwave photons were last scattered at Red shift Z 1s. In a perfectly homogenious Universe ,the matter became mostly neutral and optically then at Z 1000. However in a Universe with strings, there will be large amplitude in homogeneity on small scale and the heat output from objects forming at or before Zγee may re -ionize the plasma. If the plasma were kept fully ionized then Z1s%26gt;10 and we have 1000%26gt;Z1s%26gt;10,the angle subtended by a horizon-sized volume space at Z1c is o1s-1/2%26lt;%26lt;1. One would do expect to see on a round patch of sky of strings per horizon volume at red shift Z, will project to one length of string of angular size o if z%26lt;z1s. These strings will be moving relativistic ally, as they were unable to straighten themselves out of these length scale.

In the modern Gauge theories of fundamental interaction of the Vacuum was far from being nothing. Rather it is now recognized as a dynamical object that was in different state. The current state of vacuum affects the properties such as masses and interaction of any particles put into it. Although the vacuum is thought to lie in it’s ground state ,that with the lowest state of energy, this state had not always been the same. Thus in the early universe when the particle component [ordinarily matter and radiation] was at a very high temperature, the vacuum adjusted it’s state in doing so modified the properties of particles so as to minimize the free energy of the entire system. [Vacuum plus particles. ] e i. the vacuum went into higher energy state in order to lower the energy of hot plasma by even greater amount. As the universe cooled to keep the entire system at the lowest possible energy at a given temperature , the vacuum had to change eventually, ending up in it’s present state which is nearby the true or zero temperature vacuum. It was possible in early universe that as the Universe expanded , the cooling happened too rapidly for the vacuum to find it’s true ground state and the vacuum was frozen into ground state with defects. Defects that probably could occur in a three dimensional space could be Zero dimensional (Monopoles), Two dimensional (Domain walls) or One dimensional (Strings). The Strings are macroscopic objects. In most cases of cosmological interest they have no ends and are either infinitely long or closed in a loop.

At GUT’s the Strong, Weak and Electromagnetic forces behaved as if, they had equal strength, much as line defects found in the crystal. They formed as a net work across the space%26amp; time. The GUT”s predicts that strings were formed at a temperature of about 1015 to ~1016 Gev. at a Cosmological time of about 10?35 Second. The Cosmic Strings were formed at the mass scale of GUTs Symmetry breaking (Mx-? 2x1015 Gev) was typified by a mass per unit length μG/c2?? ~ 2x10 6 in dimensionless unit.[ G= Gravitational Constant, C= speed of Light, which is corresponding to μ= ~ 2.6X10 21, Kgm-1~ 4x107 MOPC-1 where MO= Mass of Sun . Or in other words the strings were formed with a mass per unit length of about 1020 kg-1. They have a mass per unit length μ=ε/G [where ε= ~( %26lt;φ%26gt;/ mp)2 is the dimensionless amplitude of their Gravitational potential, mp is the Plank Mass and the Vaccum Expectation value of Higgs field is φ.] Because of their enormous tension ε/G , the net work of the Strings were formed in the phase transition. In this Theory the Strings contributed only a small fraction of mass of the Universe. The Galaxies were formed by Accreating of ordinary matter about the Strings. The Strings were stretched by subsequent expansion of the Universe on waves, on a given scale and began to oscillate then. The strings underwent Oscillation in which the Transverse intertia acted as weight and the restoring forces were provided by longitudinal tension of the strings. As a result of oscillation in such that the scale entered the particles horizon and whenever the strings crossed itself and exchanged particle partners and produced closed Oscillating loops of the Strings with long life(Peebles. P.G. Z- large scale Structure of the Universe.- Princeton University press 1981).

The Strings actually underwent Oscillation in which the Transverse inertia acted as weight and the resting force was provided longitudinal tension of the strings. The gravitational field of these strings loops caused accretion of matter around them. Brosche. P.J in the journal of Astrophysics stated that angular momentum of an astronomical object is proportional directly t square of mass and constant of proportionality is comparable to String Theories, which suggest that the Universe had evolved through hecrchial breaking of rotating or oscillating strings and the angular momentum with mass between various classes of different objects ranging from planets to super clusters (brosche.PZ.J-Astrophysics Vo 57; P143; 1963). This whow we got the Space

Professor Pranab Kumar Bhattachatrya,Mr Rupak Bhattacharya, Mr Ritwik Bhattacharya, Mrs Dahlia Mukherjee


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Taken from- "Did universe strated from Big Bang Gospel or Just Be" Published in www.unipathos.com

Professor Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya
There may not have been space and time at the beginning of the universe, but there was something you could call the "ether" - probably some n-th dimensional material that was disturbed by the big bang and turned into the matter, anti-matter and dark matter that exists in the universe today.

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  1. Yes - these theories do invoke something akin to an aether . . . but what assumptions have we made to cause such aether not to have been found?

    However, in the search for God, people have been looking in the wrong place because of the human preference for anthropomorphism. God is a process that creates . . . thus the Creator . . . but is a process, an action, rather than an object or personification.

    God is life . . . so the two equations of the universe are:
    1+1=1+1 - nothing happens, nothing changes, objects don't interact . . . no God, no life
    1+1=2 Objects come together to make new more advanced objects and the more useful objects last longest and do the most useful things. Cooperation to create. Love between objects. God is often defined as "Love". When this universal law of creation and the universe is brought into the human realm it is the teaching of the wise men at the focus of religions, but religions themselves often forget it.


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